Thursday, January 24

organization and annie …

By now, I’m sure many of you are familiar with Annie of Lovely Things.  She is an amazing photographer, sweetheart of a girl, and terrific blogger.  One day, about two weeks ago, I was fighting off the blahs and hoping to get a little organization going, but not really wanting to undertake a whole big thing.  I thought about doing the whole 30 bags in 30 days thing, but was completely unmotivated.  Then I checked in at Annie’s blog, where she made the suggestion of listing every single drawer, closet and cupboard in your house, and checking them off one by one.  So if you had the time and desire, you could do a lot, but if you only had a few minutes, you could knock off a shelf or drawer and check it off.  And I LOVE checking off lists!


I have to say, I am thrilled with the results.  About 8 bags have gone out in just a few days, to be donated, given away (about 100 books are out of here!) or tossed.  It feels great to get going and it’s such an easy, no pressure way to get it done.  I even found a new and better way to use a space I had used the same way for fifteen years! Be sure to check out Annie’s blog for lots of great ideas, pretty places, and inspiration.




  1. Stephanie,
    You can imagine my surprise when I read your post today! Thank you. How envious I am of your drawer full of pretty notes. You've motivated to get busy and check something off my list this afternoon!
    Stay warm!

  2. Good job, Steph! I'm envious of your drawer of note cards too! And what a great idea for an organization project - to check one space off at a time. I'm off to check out Annie's blog. :o)

  3. Boy, do we need to take a cue from both you and Annie! We do our spring cleaning in February and we'll be making a list of every drawer, cupboard and closet. And we need to get rid of some antiques since we're redecorating... May need more than just a few bags!
    C + C

  4. oooh your drawers look so nice! I'm not familiar with that blog (so many blogs so little time ;D) so I'll go have a look now.

  5. Stephanie,
    I see you like stationery as much as I do! It feels so good to clean out! I have a donation pick up coming I better get busy!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Great minds think alike! I just got through cleaning out a closet filled with high school stuff from my now graduated kids! It does feel good to lighten the load, doesn't it?
    Thanks for your sweet comments and for your support concerning Mismatched Moira. :)

  7. I have to check her out... Looks like a great blog!