Wednesday, January 30

three little things, no. 9

Oh, I haven’t done one of these posts in a while!  So here goes.  Three little things that make me happy…

Up first is the color blue.  I know this is supposed to be the year for green, but lately, I find myself drawn again and again to blue.  Especially the turquoise kind.  Like these blue lacquer boxes.   For those of you that follow color trends, they come in green too.


Up next is this sweet mini orchid I got at Trader Joe’s for less than $5.   Seriously?  I’ve kept it alive for three weeks.  Amazing for a serial plant killer like me!   It’s about a foot high, and the flowers are about an inch across.  I can’t decide if it’s more elegant or charming. 


And last but not least is this happy little vase from Anthro, which has the added bonus of being sort of blue too.  It’s aqua, with that pop of coral, and it makes my desk happy even when it’s empty.  Right now it’s filled with big yummy flowers. 


That’s it for three little things for now – what’s up on your list of favorite things right now? 



  1. You're right that vase is pretty and happy even without flowers. And a mini orchid for $5 at Tjoe's...I have to look next time. I'm a serial plant killer too! I didn't use to be...hmmmmm. I'm not gonna over think it!

  2. Wow..$5.00 Stephanie..that is a great price! I love your favourite things..mine right now? Creating a tropical setting on our outside is filling up with wonderful large plants, soon you will not be able to find us. That is my goal! xx

  3. i love the boxes so cool and i love orchids it's something i never buy myself. at that price i could! we have a trader joes coming here soon, i can't wait! we are on the mend. it's been a long week! hope things are good with you all, enjoy the weekend! susan

  4. Love the vase and boxes - no trader joes near me and I doubt I'll have one in the new place -
    My Daugherts love it though!

  5. Yummy, gooey rocky ledge bars top the list today as we need to have some sweets on hand for the big game Sunday. Love your three things today!
    C + C

  6. Don't have any but I love the color of those boxes!!! Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  7. Love that vase!! I rarely buy orchids because I can't keep them alive (and I'm pretty good with plants).