Tuesday, February 12

sweet treats …


This little sweeties are just right for Valentine’s Day.  Easy to make, and just delicious.   I baked up my regular chocolate cupcakes, and a double batch of vanilla buttercream frosting. (The swirls take a lot of frosting.)  I separated the frosting into just over 1/4, which I left plain, and 3/4, which I tinted pink and added in raspberry extract.  I piped the white frosting first, and then topped it off with the pink raspberry frosting.   It is so easy to do, took maybe two extra minutes and changed ordinary cupcakes into something special. 





  1. Oh so pretty, Steph! Thanks, once again, for the cupcake inspiration. And I'm smiling knowing that you are proud of me - I owe you all the credit! xo

    PS: When I made the pink lemonade cupcakes this past weekend, I "practiced" making little stars with what I had left in the pastry bag. Not bad, and probably do-able for a cupcake top like yours. I'm going to give this a try!

  2. Oh your making me hungry!,,,, they look awesome!

  3. oh man. these looks so good. chocolate is no more in my house. well, until lent's over. this was not a good way to start. jk. i can just imagine the taste.

  4. You put us to shame, Stephanie, as we rarely bake and your treats would make our boys melt with pleasure! We did pick up some salted caramels on our recent trip to Terrain so hopefully they'll enjoy their treats. Happy Valentine's day!
    C + C

  5. Those look so yummy and pretty! I made a heart shaped red velvet cake for Valentine's Day.

  6. Oh, my. This photo popped up so large on my computer screen, I just want to take a bite.

    Really cute.

  7. those are so pretty! my kids would love those! i'm not good at the piping though! susan