Thursday, March 28

hello and a link

Hello everyone! As promised, I’m back this week.  With the kiddos off of school, we’ve been on the run, but I wanted to share a lovely blog with you.  Elizabeth Holder is a talented photographer and a sweet friend. 


And she is currently on a grand adventure.   She and her husband packed up lock, stock and barrel, and moved from sunny Florida to Ireland!  



Talk about a big leap of faith.  Her photos of the journey so far are amazing, and she’s graciously allowed me to copy some of her photographs here.   DY9C0578eweb

This photograph of the Northern Lights?  Seriously kills me.   DY9C0666eweb

Be sure to check out her blog for lots more – her photos of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – especially the children! – are fantastic.  Enjoy!   DY9C0724eweb 2DY9C9920eweb

Thank you, E, for sharing your beautiful world with us.  And to those celebrating – Happy Easter to you all!




  1. No wonder the color for the Irish is green... These pictures are lovely and what a move!
    C + C

  2. Thanks for your kind post Stephanie - it made me smile - although just want you to know its snowing here again - and it's just about April - I am ready for the spring - have a blessed Easter!

  3. wow. what an adventure!! her images are just stunning.

  4. Beautiful! I'll send my daughter to her blog since she keeps talking about wanting to move to Ireland :) I'm sure she'll enjoy the photos!