Monday, April 15

hello again!

Well, I’ve been trying to keep up my end and blog.  It’s been busy, but the thing is, there hasn’t been anything too blog-worthy.  I’ve even been leaving Lola home on a regular basis.  But I do have a few phone photos to share – just a peek into what’s been up around here lately.

I’m not sure why, but I kind of feel compelled to take a photo of a bridge whenever I go over one.   Pretty much every time.


My little one got a haircut last week, and since she had a party to go to that night, they played with her hair a bit.


My husband and I got out to an old pub we used to go to when we were dating.  We had a drink and some appetizers, and a great night with some old memories. 


My morning view of my desk at home.  Bet you can see why I love when I get to work from home.


The iconic Silvercup sign, spotted on our way home from Manhattan.  photo(8)

The view from the deck on Sunday.  I love blue sunny skies.


Catching the puppy stealing a little nap in the shade.


We took our first ride to the beach this year and while it was way  too chilly for the beach, it was just right for gyro and Greek salad.

  gyro       yum

Like I said, nothing too exciting, but all good stuff.   How was your weekend? 




  1. Hi Stephanie, fun pictures of everyday life.

    Wow, look at those curls and that's a cut?

    Gorgeous hair.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Such pretty hair your daughter has! Looks like a fun weekend you had:) The clouds are lovely and that's a darling picture of the puppy. Happy Monday!


  3. All good things, indeed, and we celebrated three weeks of clean eating with lots of wine and dessert!
    C + C