Friday, April 19

beasties and buggies …

Well, as I said in my last post, nothing too exciting going on here.   But the usual afternoon runaround with sports was changed up a bit yesterday.   We had an unusual game delay.  You see, these (and I am not exaggerating here) huge  beasties took up residence on our field.  With 25 or so of their closest friends.


Seriously, they were much bigger than a small child.  It took about 10 minutes for them to mosey on out, and even then, they wouldn’t leave the area.  Though their presence right on the line did discourage the opposing team from hanging around.

Later that night, we came home, and after a brief consult with an expert (my dad) about where to trim a rather large hedge, found this hiding away in a bush.


Okay, so I may have run off screaming in the opposite direction.  Clearly, I did not take that photo.   I set the camera settings and made my husband come and get it.  This is   nearly two feet high!  That’s a whole lotta wasps my friends. 

I’m hoping this weekend is bug and beastie free.  Have a great weekend, friends!




  1. That's a big nest! I would be totally freaked out!! When you get all the wasps out keep the nest. I was in a home decor store and they were selling them!

  2. Yikes! Run quickly from that nest! Fun pictures:) have a nice weekend!


  3. Do you have time to come over and help me with my wash situation?! You made even those little beasts look good! have a great weekend!
    xo Barbara