Monday, April 22

spring …

Spring is finally making it’s way slowly into the northeast US.  And while it’s still too early to plant anything, (it’s still in the 50’s), it’s not too early for a visit to the local nursery. 


Pretty, right?  And how about these beauties? 


We ended up taking home a few lovelies.   These pretty white hydrangeas.


And some citrus trees.  One orange, and one key lime.  I’ve wanted some for this room for years and finally found some that were a good size for us.  They’re still kind of skinny, but the lime is already blooming.  It smells so good in here.  (Please don’t mind the naked floors.  The rugs are out for cleaning.)


That’s what’s blooming here.  Have a great week!




  1. those hydrangeas are gorgeous!!! have a nice one!

  2. Citrus blossoms are a favorite around here and so are pretty flowers! Though we'd be happy with a couple degrees more of warmth...
    C + C

  3. Such beauties- and you picked my fav hydrangeas!!!!

  4. Hey there, friend. So much fun to have a little peek inside your home! ;o) And your flower photos are gorgeous as usual! I'll be curious to know how your citrus trees do indoors.

  5. so so pretty. what a great way to start the day with some of your flower shots. always pretty. have a great day.

  6. I always fall into the trap of putting out my flowers and plants too early. I just can't wait for the warm weather to arrive and stick around for a while! Beautiful photos of the beautiful flowers!

  7. So pretty! It's warm enough to plant here so I've been spending hours outside - it's really gorgeous right now. Another month and it'll probably be too hot to be outside in the afternoon!

  8. Your photos are gorgeous! I've been wanting a lemon tree, but wasn't sure how it would do inside...yours looks like it gets a lot of light. I adore the smell of citrus.