Thursday, January 23

no snow!


If you’ve seen the news, you’ve seen the snow.  We got over ten inches of the stuff here.  And it’s freezing!  We’re about 10 below zero with the wind chill factor.  It is colder here (and in Florida!) than it is in Anchorage, Alaska.  That seems insane to me.  So there will not  be any photos of snow here.   Just some floral sunshine for me!   (and I promise, once the weather warms up and the renovations are done, I will post something other than flowers!) 

Hope you’re all making it through this cold, wintery weather!  Stay warm, my friends!  





  1. I heard about all the snow !!!! It's chilly here but sunny - I can't wait to see the renovation photos - what colors are you choosing?

  2. Hi Stephanie!
    I am loving your bright, cherry flowers, as I am starting to feel those winter doldrums. Literally fighting off the sleep today! I don't mind the snow too much, but the frigid temps are pretty hard to take. Here's to sunnier days ahead! I can't wait to see buds on trees and flowers in bloom!

    xoxo Elizabeth
    ps: Also loved your pinning post. What a fun idea to share your most pinned photos!

  3. Oh my gosh...I think it's below zero here with the wind! It's never been this cold!

    Loved seeing your flowers! I think I spent about 20 minutes pinning garden photos this morning :)

  4. Oh Stephanie.. these are just gorgeous! I'm so glad you are seeing flowers;) today instead of snow...... stay warm! xxL

  5. Very windy over here, but sunny during the day. I love your photos!

  6. I can almost feel the warmth looking at these beautiful flowers...almost! Very pretty!!

  7. Your pictures of flowers are the best and we're already feeling the sunshine here! No need to post pictures of snow as we have enough here, too.
    C + C

  8. What a pretty floral arrangement to enjoy inside on a cold winters day! Beautiful color palette too!