Monday, January 20



I started blogging again with the best of intentions, and then I only posted once last week.  I’m getting right back on it though!   One of the reasons I haven’t posted is it was a gray week here, last week.  And while that can give you some lovely, moody photos, it can also make you want to leave your camera home as you rush from place to place.  Or work from home three days last week. 

But it also has been a pretty busy month.  Work, kids, the house – they’re enough to keep you busy.  And then you add in a few things, most of which are affiliated with church.    Add in some volunteering, throw in some fundraising for youth programs, a couple of PTA committees, and a kitchen renovation, and you get the picture.   It’s busy, but it’s a good busy.   I think as long as you can keep the balance, it’s important to give back.

What else is new?  I’m on a one woman crusade to bring back Sunday dinner.  You remember them right?  The whole family goes to church and then has a nice Sunday meal together.   We always had them when we were kids, and even the older kids would come to dinner with their families.  So here’s my question for you – do you do Sunday dinners?   Are there parts of the country where they still happen?  Is it a local/cultural thing?

Have a great week, my friends!



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  1. Not being churchgoers, when the kids were little we had Friday dinners, and invited over another family always. Great way to start a weekend. We took turns cooking, the other mother and I. Those are some of my best memories of those years.