Monday, February 3

photographs …

I’m a little unhappy with the way my photographs appear on blogger lately.  They randomly compress the photos in a way that compromises the quality.  They can be darker, grainer, or just different, and I don’t like it.  Some of them come out OK, but few look as good as they do before they’re uploaded.  After looking into it, I turned off the auto-enhance, but it hasn’t seemed to help the problem too much.  For example, the photo from the last post was so bright and sharp on my screen that my daughter thought it was a professional photo from an ad.   Then I post it, and, well, not so much.  I want to post pretty things, and I want the photos to be as I took them.

Any ideas?  

One thing I was thinking of was moving to another site.  I’ve checked a few out, and I would have to change the blog name, though that isn’t the biggest deal.   What do you use, and are you happy with them? 

And just a peek outside my windows right now … some photos below   




  1. Oh, Winter Wonderland!
    We love you all the same, dear, and will follow along what makes you happy /ier.
    Why don't you make some private / mock blogs to test drive them;-)

  2. These are beautiful photos Stephanie. Photography is tough and so is blogging. Im always having issues!

  3. Come to WordPress! It takes a little time to figure it all out, but once you get the hang of it it's the best.

    Stay warm!! I can't even imagine all that snow! Brr!!

  4. Hm...I haven't noticed any problems with Blogger myself, but uploading them in general can be a challenge sometimes. Irritating! Hope you find some resolve and by all means, let me know if you move and I will follow you. :o) xo