Monday, January 26

and back to winter ...

 As we sit here anticipating a huge winter storm in the Northeast, I guess it is time to move it along from my southern summer to this year.   We spent a few days up in Newport, Rhode Island this year before coming home for New Year's dinner with the family. 

There was great shopping and trips to small towns outside of Newport.  

 There were great views from our hotel room.  Day and night.

Some beautiful fireworks over the beach on New Year's Eve.  And a drive back to the hotel, lined with gorgeous summer "cottages". 

   We finished up the next day with a drive along the water and a reminder of why we love it here. 

 Newport is always one of our favorite getaways, no matter what the time of year.  
For those affected by the storm - stay safe and stay warm!


  1. We love Newport and never thought of visiting when the crowds aren't so dense! Lovely pictures of the fireworks. More snow on the way...
    C + C

    1. Stay warm and safe! Another 6 to 12 inches they say!

  2. So very, very beautiful. Your photos are something special.