Tuesday, February 3

and just like that ...

..it's February!  (And I'm still posting! woo hoo!)    Not to much going on here - the Northeast is pretty much covered in snow.   This is what it looks like around here - though this was about 8 inches ago ...
 I can tell you - it has been pretty cold too.  So cold, that a group of kids from our church, ages 14 to 18 - including mine - participated in a Midnight Run last week.  They went into the city to deliver food and clothing to the homeless in New York City.   I was so proud of these kids!  That night with the wind chill, it felt like it was about 3 degrees out.   They were bundled up in lots of layers as you can see. 

Over several weeks, they collected over 100 coats, about 200 sweatshirts, hundreds of socks, underwear, scarves, hats and gloves.   They also gave out toiletries and personal care items.   Finally, they made and handed out many gallons of soup and coffee, and many many sandwiches.   They had filled three Uhaul vans with things they collected.  And on that bitter cold night, they met kids their own age, and from 20's to one woman who was 82 years old!   So heartbreaking to see so many in need.   Everyone was so thankful though and the kids really made a difference to a lot of people that night.  They were out there from about 10pm until about 2:00 a.m. giving out what they could to help those in need.  

So that is what is happening around here!  I hope you and your loved ones are all warm and safe!



  1. Yup - that's what it looks like around here minus the three foot snow banks and more to come this weekend. Counting the days until spring... Have a great weekend, Stephanie!
    C + C

  2. I'm so glad that's happening in your neck of the woods.

  3. OUCH! That looks cold Stephanie. What a great initiative and and cause. Well done to all the runners and what they were able to achieve. I am sure there are many appreciative people as a result. Proud Mama! :)