Tuesday, November 8

random …


1.   This fireworks shot from last month reminds me more of stars than fireworks.  Right?  Like a far away galaxy.

2.   I feel that between everything going on in my life, my blogging mojo is a no-go.  What do you do when you get this way?  Because I really need to snap out of it.  My poor camera has been neglected all week.   She probably thinks I don’t love her anymore.   (Yes, my camera is a she.  Her name is Lola.)

3.  If you live in the US, it’s Election Day today.  Get out there and vote!  Every voice makes a difference.

4.  I want to start a grassroots movement where we all go just a little out of our way to be kind and courteous to others.  Some of the things I’ve seen lately are kind of absurd.  People cutting people off, letting doors shut in other people’s faces instead of holding it open, not doing that one little thing that makes our days go easier, all these bug me.  But I have actually seen people ram a shopping cart into another person and not apologize.   Grown women in a very upscale store shoving each other to get to the last of an item.  These things are flat out nuts.  Is it me, or has common courtesy been flying out the window lately?

5.   I’ve accidentally deleted a few comments recently, and you can’t get them back once you do, so if you notice your comment is missing on a post, I’m really sorry.  

6.  I am getting a few free or very inexpensive books every week through Pixel of Ink.   Click on the link, and sign up for the e-mail and you get a list of free books for Kindle and Nook every day.   I don’t love every single book, and many are books I may not have chosen for myself if I’d been browsing.   But in the last 6 months or so, I’ve gotten at least 40 free books, most of which I liked, and at least 10 of which I really liked a lot.   You won’t find something you love everyday, but hey, even one free book a week is pretty good, right?  It works for Kindle, Nook or any of the devices you can read them on, like an iPad or smart phone.

7.   I’m loving all the bloggers who have been posting things they’re grateful for all month.  It’s a really neat idea, and you’ve got to stop and appreciate all you have. 

8.   One of the many things I’m grateful for is all of the blogging friends I’ve made here, and the beauty you put out in the world.




  1. I am grateful for your blog, Stephanie.

    I am also grateful we have this little piece of heaven in the beautiful Ozarks. It is so laid back here, we never seem to experience the rudeness you mentioned. The people here at the lake, many times are from the cities...KC and STL. It seems they are more laid back than they normally would be at home. It always amazes us and that is why we would love to live here full time.:-)

  2. and i am grateful for you my dear. aside from posting sneak peeks, my blog mojo is missing too. i really need to find it. i kind of miss it.

    i think your photo looks like stars too. pretty.

    have a great day stephanie.

  3. Hey Steph ~ Right back at 'cha with the 'grateful for blog friends' bit! You're simply one of the best.

    I seem to go through phases with the blogging mojo. Right now I'm feeling "on it" but my posts have become about my house mostly...need to step up the crafting again.

    Sad that you are witnessing so many acts of not-kindness. I see it too, and it's really annoying. Time to step up the going-out-of-my-way bit! xo!!!

  4. i wish we could vote to get the housewives and the families out of reality TV! ha!

  5. Oh no, mo-jo is important to keep on blogging... My prescription is a self-imposed blog vacation without guilt. Make sure you let us know when you will do it so that we can wish you well and then just rest your blogging brain. Your photography is lovely and such a high point of my day so please don't neglect Lola for too long!

  6. Steph i am so grateful for you my sweet friend! i agree on the courtesy it seems to be going away bit by bit. i will join your little effort! i did vote and our good friend won our town race. it was a good day here. sending big hugs, susan
    ps. i don't have a reader but my mom said she would get me one for my birthday, i can't wait!

  7. Hi Stephanie,
    About those lacking manners... What in the world is going on with people nowadays? The rudeness out there is just horrible!

  8. hey how did i miss this post? I would sure miss you but I'm in the same boat - sometimes I think my life is just not that interesting to write about - especially when I feel I do the same thing every day - but taking a little break can be refreshing! I love your idea of doing something nice for someone - what you say is so true - i notice that people seem to be getting ruder also - i know that when someone is kind and nice to me - even just the girl behind the counter at starbucks it makes my day much better - and for that moment it puts a smile on my face -
    i am greatful to for all the amazing people and friends i've met through this little world of blogging - hang in there!

  9. Ooh thanks for the free book link, I'll check it out. I love my ipad :) Don't worry about your bloggy mojo, go with the flow. I have gone through quiet times just recently when I didn't want to post, so I didn't. We'll be here still reading if you don't post for a bit - it shows on my sidebar when you do, so I'll be over to catch up ;-)