Monday, April 23

around town …

Well, spring has definitely sprung around these parts… Pretty pink trees, sports, school events.  It’s like a big happy haze of pink and busy.   Not much blog-worthy going on, but I feel like I’ve been neglecting you all.  So I’m popping in to say hello, and share some phone photos and show you what life is like around here.  I know my big girl camera is feeling neglected, but I did get some great lacrosse shots last week. 

This is just one I snapped while walking the dog.


The view from my deck. I decided to work from home one day last week.  And outside.  What can I say?  I have a medical condition that required me to work outside.  Spring fever. 


I grabbed a quick lunch at a delicious local pizzeria.  Grimaldi’s coal oven pizza can’t be beat.  I’ve been known to grab the crayons they bring for the kids and decorate the paper they put over the tablecloth, but none of the kids were with us this time so no crayons. 


The view from my kitchen window. 


Someone painted all of the stop signs in my neighborhood with Hammertime.  So they all read “Stop Hammertime”. Sorry if that song stays in your head all day now.


I bought a new lip gloss this weekend.  It’s called Glossy Stain by Yves Saint Laurent.  It has the staying power of a stain, the shine of a subtle gloss, and none of the stickiness.  I love how it wears, and it even smells delicious.   It is hard though to take a picture of your own lips.


These last two are just a house not far from home with a big garden.  It’s April showers and May flowers all together.  But it’s definitely April showers right now.

IMG_0170 IMG_0171

That’s what’s going on around here.  If anyone is on instagram, please leave your profile name or send it to me privately and I’d love to follow you there.  Hope your week is wonderful!



  1. Wow - your neighborhood looks so gorgeous! I love those pink trees - wish we had more of those in Arizona!

  2. The route to work is filled with flowering trees - dogwood, cherry, crab apple - and it's such a pleasure to see them in bloom!

  3. nature is bursting by you. gorgeous. love your kitchen window view. so pretty. it is so nice that you can work from home when your condition flares up. lucky girl. have a great day.

  4. ok not sure which photo got me - the view outside your kitchen window or that amazing pizza -!!!!
    looks like your neighborhood is beautiful -
    and it just looks so springy!!!

  5. spring will be leaving us this weekend and i'm so sad about that... beautiful images!

  6. Well, I think spring fever is definitely going around these days. The view out your kitchen window is lovely and it looks like your neighborhood is all in bloom. Have a great weekend.

  7. hello! what lovely photos! i love the lip gloss so pretty! i'm on instagram hometown girl is my user name. have a wonderful weekend, ours is packed with sports :) xo suz

  8. HI Stephanie
    Well you have such a lovely view from your home.. and the phone shots are great...I hope to get an iphone soon and I suppose I will have a new obsession once I do..

    Love the hammertime on the stop signs..that's funny... now to get the song out of my head..

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  9. Happy Mother's Day, Stephanie! Hope you are being treated royally!

    You are so far ahead of us in there. We are just starting to bloom.

    Beautiful pics!