Tuesday, April 17

butterflies …

Because.  Because I am a mother.  Because no child should ever be sacrificed to political ambition.  Because 1,500,000 children perished in the Holocaust.  For all these reasons, I’m participating in  Paper Turtle's Project Butterfly. 

The lovely Deb at Paper Turtle – by now you all know I’m a fan – has created this project to participate in a Holocaust museum’s display.  They’re collecting butterflies for each of the children who died.   For her 51st birthday, she is collecting 51 butterflies to contribute to this cause.   Click on the link above to learn more and see if you’d like to participate.   My daughter’s and mine are below, and they’re about to pop in the mail.  Because regardless of race, religion, or political belief, no child should ever have to suffer what these children did.





  1. Beautiful butterflies! I'm sure my mom will be so happy to receive them. <3

  2. HI Dear Stepahnie
    I will pop over and check it out.. It is so important these tragic lessons of history are not repeated and that the newer generation is aware

    Sorry I've been such a slacker .. just catching up on your last post also.. You know I never made it to Laduree in Paris.. meant to.. but time got away and quite frankly I couldn't find it in the rush.. so.. happy to have a viewing of yours!!

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. What a meaningful project - we were meaning to see the museum when we were in DC but couldn't get in. I will definitely be clicking the link to read more.

  4. Stephanie!!! Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!! I love the butterflies you and K made, and I am so very touched by the beautiful words you have written here. Thank you for understanding this project on a higher level, and for your beautiful contributions to this cause. I'm so very blessed to call you my friend.

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    I've been emailing with Deb and thank you for letting us all know about this very meaningful project. I'm making mine today and going to pop it in the mail to reach her by her birthday on May 1st!

  6. A great idea. I will check it out.

  7. such a cool idea - i had no idea the numbers were that incredible - its beyond sad when you think about it.
    Have a great weekend

  8. What a LOVELY art project with a REAL PURPOSE! HI STEPHANIE! That is so good....art with a purpose.


  9. amazing project!!...
    keep going..

  10. what a a wonderful project, you are so right. have a blessed week! i'm going to see if she needs anymore. xo susan

  11. this is such a great project to be involved with... hope you're having a great weekend!