Thursday, April 12

oui, oui!

When it comes to macarons at Laduree, the answer has to be “yes, please!”  I finally got to visit for the first time since they opened in the fall, and found the space to be small but charming.  They do not allow many photos so all of these were taken with my phone. 

iphone April 2012 022

They’ve recently started an advertising with Hello Kitty, so you could find little bits of that adorable kitten all over the store.iphone April 2012 021

Inside, the confections just begin with their famous macaron.  Teas, jams, chocolates and other goodies abound.  All packaged in decadent pastel perfection.  My little girl is partial to their vanilla tea.

iphone April 2012 010 iphone April 2012 014 iphone April 2012 015   Of course, we couldn’t leave empty handed.   064

Isn’t the packaging so pretty?   065 


073 067

Their world famous macaron … oh, my yum!


A few non-fattening treats…


This adorable key chain, which I first saw on the The Buzz just last week.  079



And this sweet macaron topped pen.  So cute, right?   Of course, the highlight was definitely the macarons.  Try the violet for sure – I thought it would be strange, but it was so good.  

If you’re in New York City, I definitely recommend Laduree for a little taste of Paris on the Upper East Side.  




  1. Oh I want to go there! I've never even tasted a macaroon. The displays are lovely!

  2. Ooohh! Must have key ring and pen! Great choices S. I had a few mini macarons with my afternoon tea yesterday...delish! I will be in Paris in two weeks time and will be sure to try the violet. :)
    Best wishes for a lovely weekend Stephanie..
    Jeanne xx

  3. What a gorgeous store and packaging! I love macaroons!!

  4. I will try moms day weekend when I'm there
    Only spending Sunday and Monday in the city
    Flying home Monday night
    Are the chocolate ones good too?

  5. So excited you found the key chain in NYC (and your so sweet to give us a shout out!) Really need to make my way to Laduree but perhaps I should lose the weight I gained last week with my cupcake binge first! Happy delicious weekend.

  6. Great iphone pics! Almost makes me feel like I've been there...well almost because I don't have any. Love all the ways they wrap them up. That pen is adorable!

  7. Oooooh...this is fantastic. Thanks for the sweet little tour of this amazing place, Steph! I totally want to go there!

  8. they are so pretty! and the boxes, really lovely! i haven't been to NYC in a long time........i would love to go again. enjoy the day! xo suz

  9. i love everything you bought but i'm sure you spent a fortune... i've heard it's pretty expensive... ha!

    Happy weekend!

  10. Oh Stephanie, how fortunate you are to have their shop in NYC for a special treat now and then. I have been to their shop in Paris and thought I had gone to heaven. Great iphone photos. Have a wonderful week.

  11. I just love Laduree....but would you believe I haven't yet visited the NYC location? Your pictures are great (i-phone or not) and make me want to run right over. And, though I love how cute those macaroons are, its the candles that are my favorite!

    Glad you had fun!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. What I wouldn't do for a macaron right now!

  13. Hello, Stephanie!Christos Anesti!Lovely shop. That key chain is gorgeous!

  14. my guilty pleasure--aren't they so delicious! Hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend!

  15. What a gorgeous boutique. So inviting and everything is so beautifully displayed. I have never eaten macarons but after seeing so many pictures of them, I picked up a recipe book and hope to try my hand at making my own soon.

    Great photos!